The Lift Award goes to... Jessica!

by Heather Green

While I do not work super close with a lot of people here, I wanted to give the Lifter Award... READ MORE


The Lift Award goes to... Heather!

by Wayne Lee

Sometimes, it’s what happens behind the scenes that makes an agency successful. Heather... READ MORE


The Lift Award goes to... Wayne!

by Adam Young

I haven’t worked a whole lot with Wayne, but he sits near me so I’ve been keeping an eye on him and have... READ MORE


The Lift Award goes to...Adam!

by Patricia Stephens

Adam is a very hardworking, reliable and dedicated lifter. He always comes to work before... READ MORE


The Lift Award goes to...Patty!

by Doug Molidor

I chose Patty for the Lifter Award because, as a one of the more tenured Lifters, I have... READ MORE


The Lift Award goes to... Doug!

by Brian Jolly

Doug is a great teammate. He is always willing to jump in and help no matter what time of day or night... READ MORE


The Lift Award goes to... Brian!

by Julia Strnad

I decided it was about time to give credit to our beloved dev team, by passing the Lifter... READ MORE


The Lift Award goes to...Julia!

by Samara Zittin

When you work with Julia you can count on a high quality of work that’s delivered to deadline.... READ MORE


The Lift Award goes to...Samara!

by Nikki Emerson

Mara was promoted and given the Lift Award in the same day! Obviously, well-deserved. She’s... READ MORE


The Lift Award goes to...Nikki!

by Julia Ng

Nikki is a Lifter whose hard work touches... READ MORE


The Lift Award goes to...Julia!

by Nina Samarguiliani

I wish life was more like Photoshop so I could copy and paste this award and give it to all of my fellow... READ MORE


The Lift Award goes to...Nina!

by Joe Krebs

The person I chose for The Lift Award shares many of the great qualities of her fellow Lifters:... READ MORE


The Lift Award goes to...Joe!

by Nathan Jackson

This month’s person is hard working. He is a great team player which is shown by his willingness... READ MORE


The Lift Award goes to...Nate!

by Margaret Blackstock

Around the office, Nate is known for:
1. Boundless energy and optimism
2. Caring... READ MORE


The Lift Award goes to...Margaret!

by Dan Hendricks

Margaret is one of the hardest working lifters I know. She’s more than happy to work... READ MORE


The Lift Award goes to...Dan!

by Ian Young

Dan is the type of Lifter who not only does his job well, but he does it in style. He keeps... READ MORE


The Lift Award goes to...Ian!

by Duane Reimer

The Lifter Award recognizes a specific team member who embodies the spirit and values of Creative... READ MORE


The Lift Award goes to...Duane!

by Rachel Rapaport

At the end of the day, it’s the people that make Creative Lift. The Lift Award recognizes... READ MORE